The Running Continues With Some Help

Adapting to change was evident in this past weeks training.  Although I felt good with my cardio my legs were tired.  It was all I could do to complete an “easy” 5K on Wednesday!  My mind kept trying to convince my legs to go faster, my legs were just not capable, but I pushed and got it done in probably the worst 5K time ever.

It’s funny when you switch up what you’re doing how quickly your body reacts to the change.  I combined two training runs into one on Friday which started off slow but ended up feeling fantastic and strong.  By Sundays run I felt like I was back, feeling strong and marathon ready!  Sunday was a 29K run and I was back running with my running group for a change, it was awesome!  Weather was a cool 3 degrees and didn’t rise much more than 9 I think.  This is my kind of weather!

I have been using Pro Compression Socks for my recovery after my long runs and love how amazing they feel!  purplecompressionOn Friday (15K) I decided to try them running for the first time and could not believe how much support I felt with them.  I believe that is why my run started off with tired legs but within the first 4K or so I literally had a bounce to my step, I felt strong and could have easily ran further.

Recovery after long run

Recovery after long run

My routine after a long run is to put compression socks on for recovery immediately after my shower, as it helps with muscle soreness and blood flow (circulation).

The pro compression socks are so light weight and comfortable I will now be using them for most of my runs for additional support and to help circulation during my long runs.  They have the added bonus of keeping me warmer as we move into fall training.  Not to mention they have the most amazing fun colours to choose from.

So here are the reasons I think you should try them:

  • PRO Compression helps increase blood flow which relieves discomfort and assists in recovery.
  • Super comfortable to be worn during and/or after your runs.  Try them and see for yourself just how comfortable they are!
  • FUN cool colours to choose from.
  • Variety of styles to choose from (my favourite is the marathon sock).
  • Special discount code to get 40% off – Use CODE BLG14 at checkout Pro Compression Website

Would you like a chance to win a pair of Pro Compression Socks?

Simply share with me what you do to stay active and your name will be entered to win.  You can comment below, facebook me or send me a tweet 🙂 (deadline is Sunday, Sept. 21st)

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I now realize that I want a few more pairs, as colour choices are just too fun not to have a few, plus I can’t keep up with the wash. 😉

Don’t forget to message me and get your name in for the draw!  Good Luck!




11 thoughts on “The Running Continues With Some Help

  1. I train for and run OCRs to stay active. Ran two this past weekend and am going to vermont this weekend coming for another!

  2. as you know i do a lot to stay active – apart from just running around keeping up with my kids – running, yoga, group fitness etc etc! I have never tried compression socks but would love to see for myself!

  3. Hi Leanne, I am currently running (5-6 times a week) in preparation for the Sears Great Canadian Run – The Relay to End Kids Cancer (Ottawa to Montebello), third time entering this event. Gives me such a great sense of accomplishment (fundraising and running as part of a team), compared to regular races. I run to keep up with my two little girls.

  4. Like you, I run to keep active. But this fall I have added swimming lessons and an introduction to orienteering. Did you know that there are almost weekly orienteering events in the Ottawa area? My family is just getting into it but so far it seems like fun! My kids are actually running the Army Run 5k this weekend then heading to Gatineau with my husband for orienteering. I will still be on the race course, running the half.
    As for compression socks…love, love, love them!

    • I love seeing active families spending quality time together! Let’s hope the rain holds off for us 🙂 I think the shirts this year are the best ones so far! I’ve been running the Army Half since 2008 and love the event! Thanks for sharing and good luck tomorrow on your race (and the draw 😉 )

  5. I am new to running, but have always had issues with varicose veins (1 removal surgery, 1 venous closure). Wanting to try something new. Love the looks of these socks!

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