Setbacks or Injuries – Do They Hold You Back?

When I’m training for something, I’m all in!  I am dedicated and focused and try my best to follow a plan.  My husband is always amazed at how committed and disciplined I can be.   That’s not to say it’s easy, however I try not to think too much and just do what is scheduled! 🙂

So when I’m injured, or taking things down a notch to allow for recovery, it’s hard for me.  It’s hard not to be “on” all the time.  I like structure and being focused.  Not being able to run drives me crazy!  I tend to fall back on nutrition, tweaking my “fuel” more and finding new ways to get good nutrition in.  I get on Pinterest more during this time!! (Are we following each other?)

Just before the marathon at the end of October I started getting a pain in my right ankle/arch area.  It became quite evident on marathon day that there was an issue there.  I took the appropriate time for recovery before getting back into my running but the arch pain has  lingered on.

I have a fantastic team around me and trust  them completely!  They have  been working on dealing with the soft tissue damage and I’ve scaled back the running to give time to heal while we figure things out.  In fact, I haven’t ran at all in the past 7 days!  Seriously, 7 days and it’s driving me crazy!  It’s such a minor issue, however being in the foot it is not one that I can ignore.  I am usually a very optimistic person, however, mentally this is a bit of a battle for me.  Having suffered from stress fractures in the past, this is now a new fear of mine, and it can kill confidence!

With such huge goals for 2015 I cannot start my year with this nagging issue going on.  I must get to the bottom of it.   We are 99% sure it is soft-tissue related and can be dealt with, but it’s funny how that 1% can over shadow things.

Today I am getting out for a run.  I will pay close attention to how I’m feeling and report back to my team.  I’m also having a scan that should confirm 100% if it is only the soft-tissue affected.

Throughout my years of running I have  been the one to make decisions about what, when and how I do things.  Choosing to trust others to make the decisions for me when it comes to my training schedule is hard but it is the decision I made when I enlisted their help!

piyoI’m not sitting around doing nothing though 🙂  I’ve started Basic Training with the TRX to build some core strength, I’m doing PiYo 2-3x/week, and I’m focusing on my diet with an emphasis on avoiding  inflammatory foods and more protein.

More than anything I need to get my head in the game, build my confidence again so I can go into January confident and strong.  Training is as much mental as it is physical.  So I am working hard to trust myself, to trust my body and believe that I will have a very successful running year in 2015!

Have you ever had to overcome fear, disappointment or a lack of confidence related to overcoming past injuries or setbacks?  Would love to hear your experience.


5 thoughts on “Setbacks or Injuries – Do They Hold You Back?

  1. Just wondering who you have as a team? I think you mentioned you have a coach. How did you find one and have you seen significant improvement because of him or her? I’m looking to PB in the half marathon this spring in Prague and then in the marathon in the fall (still deciding between Toronto and Philly). I’m wondering if I should try a coach at some point.

    • Hey Kristi! All good questions. I met my coach by happenstance 🙂 I was injured and he came in to speak at the running room, we stayed in touch, he connected me to a few key people to help with my injury and eventually offered to coach me. I think figuring out what you are looking for would help. I know people that have online coaches but do not live in the same city. Then there are others that have coaches and do weekly meet ups for training runs. Most of the people I know coach mainly online.

      My team includes individuals that can help with chiropractic care, massage (ART), acupuncture and running form and of course my coach. I’ve only had a coach since September. I am very disciplined on my own and I love reading and researching. I have trained on my own for a number of distances, with success. However, I wanted to take my running to a new level and wanted someone who is far more accomplished in running than I am to guide me. I’m not an expert 🙂 I’m average but I have BIG goals. Here’s where my desire to have a coach came in.

      If you’d like to chat more, msg. me on facebook if you want and I can perhaps make some coaching suggestions for you. I have a few that I would have reached out to if my coach hadn’t offered. I pr’d all my races so far since hiring a coach (the last 3).

  2. Great post, Leanne. Like anything in life, there is power in having a team around you. If I were to correct anything that you wrote, it would be that your team is not there to make the decisions FOR you, but WITH you. In other words, you are still very much in control – or at least a part of it.
    As a coach, my role is to present options and help consider the consequences of each option before allowing the individual to decide the direction they want to go.

    Seeing things that way can be much more valuable.

    Anyway, great job with the post and know that I’m cheering you on in 2015!!!

    • 🙂 Okay you are correct in that they are making decisions WITH me as we discuss my goals together and then work on setting a plan to achieve them! However, I’m trusting others to push me further than I think I can go, and in that sense I need to let go of my own thoughts, ideas and trust the ones that can help me get to where I want to go. 😉 AND in the end I choose if I want to follow the plan, but that’s where my own strengths come in!

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