Sweaty Bands for Winter? You bet!

My Training Week In Review:

Monday – Stretch/Extended Foam Rolling
Tuesday – 6.85Km  speed work (treadmill – crazy cold again, and I have the option)
Wednesday – 10K run
Thursday – sick 🙁
Friday –  still sick
Saturday – tough call but opted out of run as I was still sick
Sunday – 12.25km outside in slushy conditions but great temperatures

photo 2As a member of Team Awesome I was thrilled when Bondiband agreed to sponsor our team and provide each member with a team hat.  I was introduced to Bondiband products last spring and quickly became a fan.  I love the way the headbands stay put for my workouts, including many km’s of running.  They have so many fun sayings to choose from and an awesome array of colour choices.  You can even create custom orders with your own design or fun saying.


I’ve had PiYo headbands created and they turned out fabulous!  PiYoBandIf you want to order in bulk, the company has special bulk pricing so you can order with friends or use for fundraising.  I’ve also done this when fundraising for The Children’s Aid Foundation, my charity of choice for many of my races coming up in 2015.

Check out their website and see the many great products they have available.

armbandI decided to check out their armbands this fall.   There are a few things that I particularly loved about the armband.  I love that it can be thrown on my bare arm or over long sleeves.  I appreciate the fact that it can be tossed in with my laundry and dries quickly.  They come in a ton of great fun prints and colours.  I personally like the fit snug as it can get weighed down and it’ll stay put while running.  It fits any size phone and can be used to hold keys, money, lip balm, etc. fuel for long runs and the list goes on.  It can be used all year long.   Summer it’s great as it’s moisture wicking, can easily be cleaned and helps store extra running items required during your run.   It is also great in the colder months as you can wear it over your long sleeve or under your jacket to protect your music/ear phones etc.  I also have a quick video review.

I  currently have two armbands but because of the awesome colours I’ll be ordering a few more just for fun ones.  Because they are moisture wicking they do need to be washed more frequently in the summer so a few extra wouldn’t hurt if you feel you’d use it on most of your runs 🙂  BUT could easily be hand washed and ready to go for your next run if you only wanted one. (but why, they’re practical and cute 🙂 )

Do you have a favourite running accessory?  Would love to hear about it.



One thought on “Sweaty Bands for Winter? You bet!

  1. My favourite accessory is my Flip Belt. No more bulky water belt that starts slipping all over the place during the run. In my flip belt I can fit a phone, money, ID, chews, keys and even a small water bottle so I have access to water if I need it between water tables. Perfect!

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