Fueling the long run

Training Week in Review

Monday: Yoga/Extended Stretching
Tuesday: Steady 10K – lots of footing issues again
Wednesday:  5K EASY
Thursday:  7.25K Steady Run
Friday:  OFF
Saturday:  17.5K LSD (long slow distance)
Sunday:  15K LSD

While training for a marathon, or in my case an ultra marathon, fuelling starts to become more and more important, everyday.  I’m coming to the point in my training where I start to feel tired a little more during the week.  I go through periods of feeling starved, especially Mondays, which makes sense after running double long runs on the weekend.  This means I still have work to do in my own fuelling strategy.

I have almost eliminated milk products and wheat from my diet (still working on completely removing it), mainly because of food sensitivities.  As you can imagine, this can make fuelling a little bit more of a challenge.  I am always looking for additional ways to add protein to my diet.

Training for a race is often more about the months leading up to race day.  I continue to make changes to my diet as I discover healthier options that will either fuel my body or help in the recovery process.

HempHeartsI came across Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts at a local health food store and immediately saw the simplicity of adding this super food to my daily diet.

You can sprinkle the hemp hearts on your morning oatmeal, yogurt or any cereal of your choice.  It can easily be added to a lunchtime salad.

There are so many recipes on their site that makes it very easy to add extra protein to your diet.  Delicious recipes!

I was given the opportunity to review the Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts, so of course I said I’d love to.  This is a must staple super food that should be in your pantry.

Hemp Hearts can help reduce inflammation, improve your cholesterol ratio, and help reduce PMS symptoms.  In addition hemp can support healthy hair, nails and skin and is also a rich source of magnesium, zinc, calcium and iron.   There are many other benefits of this powerful superfood.

Adding extra protein to your diet is  very easy and Manitoba Harvest helps you select the right one for you with their Hemp Protein Comparison Chart.

Having quick healthy snack options available help when I’m in a rush or on the go.  I recently made these energy bites (I added some flaxseed).  What I loved about this recipe is that if you are already trying to eat healthy, then all the ingredients should now be found in your home.  hempbitesI doubled the recipe knowing that in my house these type of energy balls do not last long!  I was correct, and they turned out to be a hit with my whole family.

Hempmixed HempEnergyBitesThere are many energy bite recipes online, so adding the step of rolling your favourite recipe ball in the hemp hearts can be a simple way to get the added benefits of hemp seeds into your diet.

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts has graciously offered a free bag of hemp hearts to one of my readers.  All you need to do is comment below telling me how you currently use hemp hearts in your diet or how you will add it to your diet.  Is it a favourite breakfast smoothie?  Will you add it to your oatmeal or salad?

Also, follow Manitoba Harvest on Twitter and Instagram for inspirational ways to add hemp hearts to your diet.  Would love for you to tweet about the giveaway.

Good luck, I will choose the winner on Wednesday, March 11th.